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  • Welp, I went on tour.


    I apologize for not keeping you updated on the tour as much as I'd hoped. It was a hectic couple of months and I had an amazing time, met some amazing people, heard some great tunes, caught up with some old friends, and played a little as well. I was able to visit 22 national parks before the governement shut down and documented the entire trip on my Instagram page (@conwaytwittymang). Check out some of the photos, I'm pretty psyched on how they turned out.

    Anyway, I am back in Nashville and wanted to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who housed me, came to any of the shows, bought anything, gave me a high five, smiled, or any of the other numerous ways folks made the tour better. I can't wait to get on the road again and play!

    Speaking of, I have three upcoming shows in Nashville. November 20th I will be at Dino's in East Nashville with Alexis Stevens and Nick Woods, so that will be cool n stuff. December 6th I will be playing an early show at The Basement with new tour friend Dennis John Glanville from Madison, WI as well as Miss Alexis Stevens again. And on January 2nd, I will be playing another early show at The Basement with, guess who, Alexis Stevens and our old friends The Lonelyhearts who will be back in town from Iowa City/Ft. Collins. I'll see you out there!