• Northern Town is out now!!!!

    Check it out fam!



  • House Show

    About a month ago I had the pleasure of hanging out with my friends who make the web series "House Show" here in East Nashville. I played a new song for them, "Easier," which will be on my new record that is being produced by Ryan Joseph Anderson and I hope to finish recording in April at Flat Black Studios in Lone Tree, IA.

    Check it out! I hope you like it!


  • Big December

    Hello friends,

    Just wanted to check in and tell you some great things are happening! First, myself and a killer band are going into the studio to start recording my next full length record! Could not be more excited to share the songs I have been working on since the 10" came out. Very proud of this collection and I can't wait to see what we come up with in the studio.

    Second, I will be playing a couple of excellent shows with some good friends surrounding that recording process. They are as follows: 

    12/17 @ The Hideout in Chicago with Michele McGuire

    12/22 @ The Mill in Iowa City with Ryan Joseph Anderson and Michele McGuire

    Hope to see you all out there! Tell your friends!


  • East Nashville Songwriters Club

    Due to unforseen issues, the date I was scheduled to play the East Nashville Songwriters Club has moved from Sunday, August 2nd to Sunday, September 13th. The show will be FREE and begin at 7:30 at Mad Donna's Loft. Should be a great show featuring Joshua Black Wilkins and Kristina Murray. See you there!


  • New Artwork by Julia Carusillo

    I'd like to thank the incredibly talented Julia Carusillo for the new artwork that you are seeing on the website. Julia and I go wayyyy back. We lived a few houses apart from each other in high school and she's been a great friend and inspiration ever since. Make sure you check out her other work at her website.



  • Mission Creek with Shovels & Rope!

    Hey all!

    It's been a while! I'm super excited to announce that I will be playing at Mission Creek Festival for the sixth consecutive year! This time, I will be at The Englert Theater opening for one of the baddest bands in the land, Shovels & Rope. I can't tell you how pumped I am to see all my friends and family and crank out some jams! Ryan Joseph Anderson will be slangin the guitar for the set as well.



  • Hey all,

    Very excited to be getting back on that dusty trail with Ryan Joseph Anderson next week. Ryan will be fresh off of a European tour that, from pictures at least, seems like it was a very enlightening experience. Our dates are listed below, and details can be found here:

    9/23: The Basement's New Faces Nite - Nashville, TN

    9/24: Downtown Tavern - Jackson, TN

    9/25: Maximum Ames Music Festival - Ames, IA

    9/26: The Mill - Iowa City, IA

    9/27: Cafe Berlin - Columbia, MO

    See you out there!